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Easy booking

Easy booking

Booking online is now easier than ever. With Hop2 you'll also find the greatest values - all online and in a quick, time-saving manner.

All directions

All directions

Here you'll find all type of fares, from one-way flights to round-the-world trips, no matter how complex. On all airlines, for all destinations.

24h support

24h support'

Our team of travel professionals are always at your service and ready to help. You can reach us from anywhere in the world at any time.

600+ airlines

600+ airlines

We offer itineraries on over 600 airlines worldwide. No matter how complex your travel plans, we’ll find you a great deal!

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What our Customers Say

This underlines our commitment to provide total customer satisfaction
  • Miguel

    I made my research on this company and I have to say, their prices are significantly lower than in any other services, but I was still nervous to try it out. Nonetheless, I gave them a chance and booked my flight to Europe. The trip to the destination was wonderful, but on my way back the airline canceled the flight. And I was thinking that my worst fear came true. But it wasn't the case. Hop2's team gave me the support and care I needed. An agent arranged a new flight and I got home without much fuss. I truly don't understand how comes this wonderful service has so many bad reviews. The prices are legit, the customer service is helpful and I had no trouble with any of these. I'm recommending it!

  • Suzy Patema

    My flight with Hop2 happened 4 months ago. Everything went smoothly, except for an insignificant issue with the billing. It required several days to fix it, and Hop2 was so kind to hold the tickets for me until I got everything fixed. I received amazing service, although initially, I had some doubts about buying tickets through this kind of website, rather than buying directly from the airline. I also saved some money and proved to myself that I need to trust this type of service more. Now that I landed on my destination, and as everything went well, I can recommend this company!

    Suzy Patema
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