What travel documents do I need for my trip?

Securing all necessary travel documents for your trip is EXCLUSIVELY your responsibility!

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: Hop2 is laser-focused on offering top industry expertise and the lowest fares out there. We do NOT advise on any government regulations in matters of conditions, criteria and/or restrictions for entry and transit by foreign nationals. Researching and obtaining all the paperwork necessary for your trip is entirely your responsibility.

For accurate and up-to-date information on documents required for your planned travels, please contact the embassy or consulate of each country you are going to fly through or to on your journey.

It is paramount that all passengers secure all entry and transit visas required by countries on their itineraries. Needless to say, failure to do so will result in unwanted interruptions and complications.

Again: if you are not sure whether you need a transit or entry visa for any of the countries on your itinerary, please contact the respective country’s embassy, consulate or, otherwise, reach out to the appropriate immigration authority of that country.

Securing all necessary travel documents for your trip is your responsibility!

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