Automatic Check-In

The Automatic Check-In is designed to help the customer avoid airport hassle and long wait lines. If the option is selected we’ll make sure to check you in and send the boarding passes to the indicated email address at least one day before the flight.

If there are no seat preferences indicated, we’ll make sure to select, when making the check-in, the most comfortable seats on your behalf, however, we cannot guarantee that passengers flying together will be seated next to each other.

Once the boarding pass is received, make sure to print this out and when arriving at the airport, just go straight to baggage handling and boarding control.

As well, make sure to not carry any dangerous items in your carry-on or personal belongings.

In some cases, airlines might restrict us from doing the online check-in on your behalf, and when it happens, we’ll inform you via email and will refund the prices of the service. In such cases, the check-in shall be made personally at the airport.

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