Card payment issues

When your online payment cannot be completed for security reasons, please email or call one of our specialists for assistance before you try a different card. Otherwise, kindly follow the steps below.

If your online payment has been declined for reasons other than security concerns, please try the following troubleshooting steps:

- Make sure all the entered payment information (card number, expiration date, name on card, billing address, etc.) is correct and matches the data on file with your card issuer.

- Check whether the available balance on the used payment card is sufficient for your purchase.

- Inquire with your card issuer whether your payment card has a set daily limit for online transactions. (You may need to raise it or lift it to be able to complete the purchase.)

- Inquire with your card issuer whether your purchase is subject to approval.

- Update your browser to the latest version or try authorizing the payment via the latest version of one of the major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, etc.)

- Use private mode in your browser.

- Disable add-ons, plugins and extensions in your browser.

If none of the above-listed steps help, please try using a different payment card.

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